Social Media Policy


This social media policy applies to all CMVPL employees who make use of social media, whether or not they are gaining access to it via CMVPL equipment/networks and whether or not they are using it during working hours.


Company management and Masters/Chief Engineers are responsible for communicating to their staff the values set forth below and for ensuring that their own online conduct sets a good example.

Given the unregulated and precocious nature of social media, CMVPL will monitor major platforms to identify issues likely to affect Company reputation.

Please be aware that violation of this policy may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


  • Think Before You Post
    Your views and actions online can impact Company reputation. Think twice before sharing images or videos of CMVPL’s assets, particularly our ships, facilities or people in uniform.
  • Be Respectful 
    Always treat others (including co-workers, customers, non-customers, shareholders, vendors and competitors) in a respectful and positive manner. Never use social media as a platform to harm, insult, threaten, defame or embarrass others.
  • Build a Reputation 
    Use your social media profiles to build your own and CMVPL’s reputation, remembering that standards can be compromised whenever you like a post, follow a user or join a cause, particularly when the subject is related to the maritime industry.
  • Get it Right 
    Never share inaccurate information about the Company. If you are unsure of the correctness of what you are sharing, check with Corporate Communications before you post it online.
  • Be Yourself 
    If it’s clear who you work for, you should also make it clear your views are your own; use a disclaimer if necessary, for example, “The postings on this page are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of CMVPL”.
  • Adjust your Privacy Settings 
    Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and CMVPL’s confidential information. You should only allow access to those you really want to share information with.
  • Report Potentially Harmful Material 
    If you find defamatory commentary about the Company on social media forums, help us to combat such negativity by informing Corporate Communications, who can respond appropriately.
  • Respect Official Communication Channels 
    During an incident, respect all official communication channels and do not post comments, photographs, videos or any other relevant content online.