SQOH Policy

The company shall ensure that Occupational Health, Safety , Environment Protection shall be given the highest level of importance. We commit Statutory standards are maintained to the highest level.

To achieve these we shall :

  • Ensure safe operation of ships

  • Ensure a safe & healthy working environment to the staff.

  • Ensure Strong drugs and alcohol policies are implemented

  • Ensure Risk assessments and mitigation measures in place for all Ship Board Operations

  • Ensure that all vessels always comply with all applicable statutory rules and regulations.

  • Ensure 24 x 7 Strong Shore-based support provided to the vessels.

  • Ensure staff employed are competent, qualified personnel who strive for excellence.

  • Ensure training for employees to enable them to achieve company’s objectives and targets.

  • Monitor performance of company, ships and the employees and plan for continuous improvement of skills of employees & the company’s Safety Management System by Strong Internal Audits.

  • Ensure learnings , corrective and preventive actions, from incident investigation and audit reports on board ship and in the Company office are used to improve the systems

  • Ensure planning for Contingency & Emergency response are exercised to the highest level

  • Ensure Industry & customer relationships are given utmost importance

  • Ensure Modern IT methods are used strengthen & simplify Ship management on board & in office